SEO Settings For Blogger 2019

SEO Settings For Bloggers 2019

Hi! This Welcome to a new blog post So today's article we'll have to learn Blogger in SEO Menkki about the Blogger SEO What is Blogger SEO is how we can. Here are some of the SEO tips I am going to share with you through this article. So be sure to know more in this article: BloggerSEO is completely in Hindi. So let us know.
SEO Settings For Bloggers 2019

● What is Blogger?

Before knowing Blogger SEO, you need to know what this is Blogger.Maybe many people know about Blogger.And many people do not even know. So, my mind,before knowing about Blogger SEO , you know about Blogger Should know in

So Blogger is a platform in which you can specify your Blog or Website to Host can through the mean of blogger you can lay the groundwork for your blog. Blogger product of Google's own Google this for free to their customers this is available for free hosting through the platform Blogger through you can make a lot of blog or website as you know if you Wordpress to create a site for you Domain withHosting is also required to buy. But if you want to create a website on Blogger, then you get free of charge from Google for free for lifetime. Also in Blogger, you also get a Subdomain for free. That 's what .Blogspot. com if you want, withoutDomain purchased is can also make your Blog or Website with a special feature of Hakblogr that the dashboard is very easy and everybody understood it very quickly And etc. So to the theme or template to use, you can also customize your way to free download from Google now we've learned that Blogger is.

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● What is Blogger SEO?

Blogger SEO is a word that is very important for every blogger. And all bloggers are engaged in knowing how to do SEO on our website or blog . If you do not know what SEO is, then your information I say let theSEO that helps provide all Bloggers rank article to your blog or website or the website through which the online arms if your website SEO is the best of Your website or blog seems to rank quickly.

But now it comes in two ways that almost bloggers use the two platforms. The first is the blogger who has Google's own product and the other is WordPress. If we talk about WordPress, WordPress has more features than Blogger You can customize each item in your own way. In WordPress, you can use plug-ins with many types of SEO for SEO. But in Blogger You it is a plug-ins do not have to get a facility and not get a feature of advanced SEO now we find out was that Blogger SEO Is So now we know about the SEO below.

● How to do Blogger SEO?

Up till now we have known what is Blogger SEO . So now we are going to know that how can we implement Blogger SEO on a blog or a website hosted on our blog. So, in my opinion, in Blogger, we can use some different plugins Can not install and install adifferent API . This blogger has some settings that work to some extent SEO . So you can correctly apply these settings to your blog. So your blog will come to a great extent in the SEO radar. So read all the settings below carefully and use the card used in your blogger.

● Meta Tags (Blogger SEO)

If you are on Blogger then this setting should be turned on to you. This is the first step of aBlogger SEO .

First of all, you have to go to your Blogger Dashboard. You have to click on the left side of the Settings option.Now you will get the option of Search Preferences in the same line. You have to click on it too.Now you have to turn on this by clicking on the option of the above Meta Tags .Now you have your Blog the Descriptionto save it with this copy and paste And your first SEO ready.

Turning on this Meta Tags gives you an advantage and that when you write an article, it gets the option of a Search Description . In this box, you can apply keywords related to the article . This is also an SEO .

● Custom robots header tags (Blogger SEO)

This is a setting of Blogger that helps your article get indexed correctly in Google. So just look at this setting carefully. And implement it correctly.

First go to Settings and click on Search Preferences .You will now get the option of customrobots header tags below . Click on it.It will be off, turn it on. Now you have marked the tick on the photo in the photo below. You also mark it and save it.

By doing this setting, you will be able to rank your blogger blogging to a great extent.

● Custom robots.txt (Blogger SEO)

This is a Google-powered robot, whichindexes the correct methods and pages ofyour crawling article. If your article contains any type of error then it will not index that page or article. So know how We will enableit .

First, go to Settings and click on Search preferences .Now you will see the option of customrobots.txt . Click here.Now you have to turn your blog or website into desktop mode and click on its URL.The URL behind him showing you/robots.txtto write search.Now you will see a code. Copy this whole code and paste it into the box of thiscustom robots.txt and save it.

In this way you can do your Blogger SEO . Generally, there are many more SEOsbesides it. Like you can get your blog or website even by OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO .

Note: - This article is written especially for those bloggers who do not have much information about SEO. It is just new. So tell us how to write this article down and comment. And share this article with all your friends or bloggers Definitely do.

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